Women Stop it…

13344550_10157079841300374_975798042537386150_n … sigh. This is what I’m talking about right here.

So I made this post on facebook… yeah, here it is:

“… and the recipient of this year’s DIRTIEST, THIRSTIEST, STANKINEST, RAGGEDIEST, MOST DISRESPECTFULEST WHORE of the WORLD goes to THIS HEIFER!!! She needs to drink some bleach and lay down…”

Kinda joking, kinda serious… typical me stuff, when I get into an argument with a woman who is the sister of a now former buddy of mine, now.

They argued everything from the pic being photo shopped then I was a judgmental prick who disrespects women.

Hard to respect folk who don’t respect themselves… Now to the woman in the photo.

This picture is all over the internet for various reasons, one she’s smokin hot, two, she’s smokin hot and three… The Thirst.

Stephen Curry is arguably the biggest NBA star on the planet (Sorry LeBron fans) and what I’m seeing in this picture,Β  mind you in a game I witnessed myself and I saw this very moment unfold live,Β  is pretty obvious to me. She’s trying to get his attention.

This guy lives a very public life with his family in a lot of it, wife, kids, faith and he’s not the only one… and for this woman to put herself in position to be seen by him or one of his teammates is pretty weak if you ask me. She’s obviously beautiful, seemingly could have anybody she wanted but she chose this route and now she’s everything from a joke to a “jump off” to a whore.

My intention was to crack a little joke about the thirst, make some people laugh and move on to something else stupid THEN a woman called me to task on it. Saying I was wrong for judging this woman. That she should be able to do and wear and be and act any way she want free of criticism or malice or anything else. Then her brother got involved and so on and so forth and so whatever.

That’s fine… my posts are always mine. I don’t fish for “likes” or agreement in all honesty.

It really bugs me that another woman thinks this is ok… That I’m the prick for making a “bad’ joke, being judgemental instead of the woman in the picture disrespecting this guys wife and their marriage.

I have a hard time with the way women are treated in today’s world, always have ESPECIALLYΒ  by other women. even when taking up for a woman’s behavior deplorable as it may be and none of this is written if she weren’t doing the obvious. I never called her a “whore” just used the word in a fictitious award, slut, jump off, bitch, none of that… heifer I called her.

Ladies I love my Mom, My sisters, my daughter, my lady, my nieces, aunts, female cousins… whatever. No one holds women in higher regard. I think women should get equal pay for the job, I believe in a woman’s right to choose as far as abortion and I definitely think no means no. You should be able to wear what you want, go where you like wearing it and not be harassed for doing so however it may be taken, no one should have anything to say… I take up for women constantly.

… but if you don’t take up for yourselves… ain’t much anybody can do.

Yeah screaming equal rights that you absolutely deserve I get it but when it comes down to how you do each other THAT is my problem.

Call me sexist if you want. I’ve said it on stage:

“.. the reason we got so many sorry ass women is cause we got a lotta sorry ass men in the world…”

Yeah I think men have let women down in a lot of ways… too many to mention here but I’m sure you can fill in the blanks.

Everybody goes to that verse in the bible “judge not lest ye be judged…” ok but if you put yourself out there to be judged then your gonna get judged.

“It ain’t what you are… it’s what people thinkΒ  you are”

Can’t live your life that way, but some do

I get judged on a nightly basis. I see it first hand. Some folk immediately form opinions in the first 10 seconds after I walk on stage. Some tune out cause I’m black, or I’m overweight, the way I dress on stage, drink in hand or not… do I care? Nope. Cause I know me better than you ever will AND cause my parents raised me right.

Fairly or unfairly this woman got judgements passed on her cause in my mind she didn’t put her best foot forward. She obviously made a play on a nationally televised stage that maybe she didn’t think through and it may not be what she’s doing… it, to ME… is what she looks like she’s doing. From the look in her eyes to the body language to the suggestive manner in which she’s taking a sip of her drink from a straw it’s apparent to me and many others what she’s attempting to accomplish here. The thing is she knows the guy is married… who doesn’t k now this? Her? Let’s say she doesn’t… if she found out he was do you think that would stop her if given the chance?

I won’t answer that… I’ll let you…

Men are at fault for this too. Period.

Respect is my only message here. She has choices… wouldn’t you say?

You can answer that one too… if you want. Because you have choices… cosign with this bullshit or don’t and as a woman you should really think about your answer.

Just because it’s ok… don’t make it ok…





Author: Spanky Brown

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