The State of Comedy Union… according to me, Spanky

I’ve always been an open book, ain’t much I don’t tell you all so, here goes… again…

Welp… for the first time in a while i see some light, maybe that’s my fault… ok it is my fault but it as rapper Rakim the G.O.A.T says “it ain’t where you from, it’s where you at..” and I’m here.

Things are great. I’m back into full- time comedy, dropped 40 pounds, reconnected with the love of my life and realized nobody cool still wears sideburns… I thought they broke up my face but anyway I’m stepping out into something I am Not nor have been very adept at…. business.

A club owner told me once it should be called “Business Show” cause without the business part there can be no show and for any entertainer the thing we want to do the most is perform… so handling your business on even the most elementary level should keep you busy… on stage that is.

I look at the hottest comics in the game now and ask how did they do this? Why haven’t I done it? What’s the difference between Kevin Hart (of whom I’m a big fan) and myself or a Steve Harvey, Mike Epps and so on and so on..

Business… and the way they handle it… Period.

It’s like this fitness trainer told me once.. he works out so he can eat what he wants.. makes sense to me.

You gotta do the business to get what you love to do… getting booked ain’t all about being funny these days so if you ain’t selling tickets. Comedy clubs, some that is, they gotta make money to stay in business, I get it. I get frustrated with who I see working clubs sometimes, all comics do.

“THEY BOOKING THAT GUY/GIRL?!”. Honest comics will tell you we’ve all said that at some point.

Then I say “well, what am I doing to change that?” and it comes through loud and clear as I answer my own question “apparently, not enough or not the right things”.

Change is tough.

Funny…?Β  I got that part down, not being arrogant here but I watch comedy too, I’m a fan, just like you… but I realize I have been way too “romantic” about comedy in these 17 years I’ve been blessed to do it… I kinda thought just being funny was enough and for some it is… I though have not business minded enough, but how can I change the game for myself AND other comedians I feel who are like me… funny, talented but not more well known for being just that… funny?

So… “The Funniest People You Never Heard Of” tour is my new baby.

I’m gonna put together my own dates with the people I respect on this level and show em off… comedians that I am a fan of. After 17 years in this I hope you trust me to say these are the best and the brightest… seasoned vets, road dogs, headache makers…. Room Wreckers…. for true fans of the craft… they way it used to be before Vine and YouTube and Facebook and all that… before comedy got muddled with that, why? Because I still love the craft.

So look for dates in or near your city. If you love stand up comedy, in it’s purest form… I know some folks. Change is tough but it’s also good… IJS



Author: Spanky Brown

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  1. So tell us m ore about the “love of your life.” You keep bouncing around this subject but lets hear about her. Show us her picture. You said “reconnected” so there has to be a story there. πŸ™‚

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