One and Done… Not only for college jocks

You know it’s the end of March Madness tonight. Yup it’s over… this is normally my favorite time of the year. Every year I do two brackets… One with The University of Memphis Tigers winning it all and being the greatest day of my life besides my kids birthday, Christmas and the finalization of my second divorce, and then aΒ  REAL bracket cause let’s face it… it’s all a guess. This year Memphis sucks, last year they sucked…aaannnd the year before too.

That SECOND divorce still makes me smile tho…

Matter of fact this year we didn’t even get invited to watch the tournament at a Final Four party.

So I ain’t really in the spirit this year. Matter of fact I’ve watched more NBA games than college games the past few years. Regular season games at that. That’s big because the only sport I watch regularly is the NFL cause the season is so short and even then being a Dallas Cowboy fan……. lets just say Lifetime has really good movies on Sundays.

I think I’m over the whole “One and Done” thing in college basketball. Back in the day I’d watch a big time rivalry like Duke- North Carolina for instance because for three years at least you would see some talent actually grow and jell together to be a pretty good team instead of what I see now as teams (AKA KenSUCKY) hope that these eight (8) number one recruits they hoarded figure it all out some kinda way in 30 something games.

I hate it… it’s like when a praying mantis dude has sex…. he knows it’s one and done. Literally. Like forever and ever amen.

Then as I thought before I write this…. there are LOTS of stuff that oughta be one and done in life….. besides sex, cause face it nowadays a lotta folks get down that way… I mean if it sucks…. why not advance and delete?

Bills….. they should be one and done. NOBODY looks forward to going to the mailbox for bills. Dentist visits, Prostate exams….. women doctor stuff (they got a lot of stuff), taxes should be one and done… like forever. The government seems to do okay without our little bit of money. Diarrhea… it should be like chicken pox… youΒ  get it over and you’re done…. till you get old and get shingles but by that time you know it’s over.

My point is life is too short to be repeating certain things… like sucky college basketball seasons. Oh the tournament is great of course because everyone plays their hearts out, there’s buzzer beaters and great performances, coaches coach their butts off because everybody knows it’s one and done and……………………………… Heyyyyyy wait a damn minute…



Author: Spanky Brown

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