Man I don’t know why I’m blogging about this cat. As we say in South Memphis, “I don’t eeeeeeeeeuuuum like this dude…”.

… but even I gotta show respect.

I was a Laker fan wayyyyy back. Magic’s Showtime Lakers. Greatest show in sports, so much fun to watch and honestly until the Grizzlies moved down from Vancouver I really hadn’t had a favorite basketball team and the 90’s were really all about MJ.

So to be clear, the Memphis Grizzlies are my favorite team… but I watch Golden State… don’t judge me, I love the Grizz but they can be hard to watch. The Warriors make the NBA soooo much fun to watch. I laugh more than I do watching “Two Broke Girls”.

Last night 4/13/16 was epic for the NBA. Kobe’s last game and Golden State attempting to break a record some thought would never fall.

Ok….. I fell asleep on em both but when I woke up in the middle of the night I wanted to see… Kobe. Why? I have no idea…Yeah, he’s arrogant, selfish, self centered, spoiled, relentless, non compassionate, uncompromising…. and one of the 3 greatest NBAers of all time. There I said it.

What he did last night taught me something. 20 years on one team, #3 on the NBA all time scoring list, 15 time All star, 4 time MVP of the all star game, 2 time gold medalist and there’s more…. then on his last day at work, he drops 60 points… at 37 years old (which is 88 in basketball years). SIXTY points!!! That’s bananas… period.

Bell to Bell…. that’s Kobe Bean Bryant.

I’m gonna find that gear and I believe it ain’t too late for anybody when your passionate.

As great as Golden State’s accomplishment is last night was clearly about Kobe, as it should have been. Somebody told me once “greatness comes with a lotta stuff…”. Anytime you can shut everything and everybody out to get what you want, with no apologies… that’s a special kinda person, likeable or not cause lets face it.. you can have too many friends…

I don’t think I wanna hang out with him or anything, just be like the lady watching Meg Ryan in the diner from that scene in “When Harry Met Sally”…

I’ll have what he’s having…. Good job Kobe. I’m glad I got to hate you too…



Author: Spanky Brown

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  1. I still hate him but ya gotta give him respect. Not top 3 but one of the greatest. Now sitchoassdownkobe!


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