I Can’t Stand Sissies… Ugh

Man. What did we do before the camera phone?! I’d wager that these phones these days are better cameras thanΒ  they are phones. Geeeeeez.

As if there weren’t enough chronic ignorance in the world, we make more… amazing.

I get up and check Facebook first thing, cause I’m stupid and the NUMBER ONE thing trending is this video… “leaked” by LA Laker point guard D’Angelo Russell with his teammate Nick Young where Young unbeknownst to him is being recorded admitting to cheating on his finacee, Iggy Azalia… this according to a Laker source. When Russell admitted to it he called itΒ  it was a “prank gone wrong”…. anybody see what’s happening here?

In this day and age… there are No leaks…

Well first that THIS… is news. Somebody shoot me, but honestly…

Stupidity… that’s what… BECAUSE… we are raising a bunch of sissy ass men… that’s what.

Now before you get caught up in what you may think is a homophobic slur in my use of the word “Sissy” stop right there. My definition of a ‘Sissy” is a weak ass, selfish, attention seeking, needy dude.

The word “Sissy” can’t even touch homosexuality in my book. I got gay friends who are the most down, “who in here got a problem”, “lets get it cracka lackin”, “hold my earrings”, ” Awwwwww HELL NAWWW!!!” type of cats I know. Fight in the drop of a hat, hell even hold up this “Guy Code” thing better than a lotta straight dudes I know.

Selfies, I thought and still think are a kinda “Girlie” thing anyway to me. I have taken a few but SOME DUDES take more selfies than women. You see em on social media… I see more men dressed up on social media to show their clothes off than I do when they’re out on a date… it’s ridiculous.

Maybe because these “new kids” don’t have men in their lives, positive role models who can teach em what real men do. Not only do you NOT record your manz talking about cheating on his girl, you don’t record a private conversation THEN put it on YouTube or… HOW BOUT YOU JUST DON’T CHEAT PERIOD YOU STUPID BASTARD!!!

Look at it… it’s everywhere! Women can’t have NOTHIN!!! First it was the word “Metro-sexual” then I see guys with man-purses, wearing lip gloss and now some dudes are wearing skinny jeans and the like and then there’s Will and Jada’s boy which……… sigh.

I wish I could open up an asswhoopin kiosk in the mall and just whup these little boys all damn day. I’d do it for free!!! I ‘d even have “relief asswhoopers” like in a baseball type bullpen for when I couldn’t finish whoppin em… “Bring in the lefty!”.

I could get into a really heavy area about men raising boys on their own or cheating men AND women or how this “Kid” and I use the word loosely because if you cant discern what’s smart or not, right or wrong, good or not so good… you don’t need to be a millionaire.

Some guys are gonna have a problem with this and that’s fine… I don’t judge but when she cheats on YOU… don’t be a bitch about it.

I wish rotary phones had cameras on em. There would be a lot less selfies and videos why? Well there’s the angle thing AND it’s heavy AND you couldn’t take just any ole where because of the cord and you couldn’t cut the cord…could you?Β  Hmmmmmm…




Author: Spanky Brown

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  1. You can tell this ninja got a girlfriend!

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  2. You don’t even want to get me started on the whole “sissy, transgender, metro, etc.” lifestyle. I could write you a book on that topic and none of it would be positive.

    If you were born a man and are able to get a woman pregnant..YOU are a man. Act like one and quit trying to be a woman. First of all you wouldn’t last two minutes into menstrual cramps much less labor pains. When you can go through having a watermelon ripped through the tube a size of a water hose and still tell me you want to be a woman, we will talk. Til then stop insulting us women by wanting to dress up like a slut and be all foo foo pretty and sexy. There is so much more to being a woman than what we wear.

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