Comedy and The Oval Office

First off I SWEAR I’m gonna blog more. I dunno why I don’t cause believe it or not some of y’all actually read this mess… which tells me about YO life but, I digress…

People have constantly walked up to me before or after shows and say Β “I know you got a ton of stuff about Trump”… truth is I actually don’t. I think I’m worried he’d find out and tweet about me and he does NOT want to do that. He’s already on Twitter more than 16 year old girl running for class president. Plus that’s more topical material so there’s a million, hell maybe 3 million comedians writing the same stuff.

See writing and performing jokes about Trump is gonna be a crowded freeway… writing jokes about Trump and ME interacting well… that’s different and it’s indigenous to me, meaning it’d be true and that’s what I’d rather talk to you all about… nothing wrong with topical writing, I should do more of it but I’d rather talk about me…. cause I’m a selfish bastard.

The truth is Soooo much funnier than fiction…

You voted, I voted, as far as I’m concerned it’s over, the election that is. The jokes are coming… look at this guy.

If you thought Β “Dubya” was a buffoon you just wait and watch this foolishness unfold. I mean at least Bush was a kinda goofball, dare I, Spanky even say a ‘lovable’ buffoon. Does anybody even like this guy? Even if you voted for him would you hang out with him? Be honest…

Say what you want about Obleezy… the White House hadn’t been filled with that much ‘Smooth” since Bill Clinton or even JFK. Even if you didn’t like or vote for him, you’d probably have him over for dinner and if you wouldn’t then you are part of the problem in the world… and you should probably kill yourself. Seriously.

Honestly I just don’t like this guy and it’s probably cause he takes himself too seriously…

Dude… you look like you bathe in Cheetos dust…. geez.

I’d ask him about it too… I swear I would. I’d be like “Trump…. is that Texas or Tennessee Orange?” or “Is your father in law the chef from the Muppet Show?” you know he and Melania have the same accent.

Every POTUS has stayed above the jokes and criticism that comes with the office. They take it, some even laugh at it but they all didn’t take pause to address jokes about em… this cat is special and even after I write all this I gotta do what I said and will continue to say after ever election… let’s see, I mean we can’t change it, right?





Author: Spanky Brown

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