Blogging while drankin… I shouldn’t do this..

Note: some of these words may ne missssssspled… jus letting you know.

“I been drankin… I been drankin…” I think Queen Bey sang that. Some song about doin it in the kitchen after drinking all night… DON’T NOBODY CARE BEYONCE!!! SitchoDRUNKassdownsomewhere.

Beyonce is a fantastic entertainer but…. I’ve heard better singers, ain’t you?! It’s ok to say that you know. You ain’t a hater cause as you know these days if you don’t really care for someone’s talent then you’re hating… you young people who came up with that foolishness KILL YO SELVES!!! Geez… I don’t like Tapioca but I’m not a hater of tapioca… just rather have Chinese food.

When I’m drunk, like now I usually ain’t mad. I’m normally a happy drunk but not today. Some folk are pissin me off like PIT BULL.

Aye sir quit singin songs like you 6’6″. ” I know you want me… you know I want you..” You don’t know nutthin okay? Sir?! You are a Hispanic Leprechaun… a Spanish speaking Prince. Have several seats… matter of fact have a high chair.

Katt Williams!!! I’M MAKING $500 PER NIGHT on average.Β  If you don’t sitcho bad edges havin ass down RAT NAH!!! You winning sir, maybe the 2nd most popular comedian of this era… Kevin is really winning right now but you know what this ain’t Ricky Bobby… I’ll take 2nd place all damn day. That’s why that old 26 year old 3rd grader put you in a small package… as if it couldn’t get any smaller. Fix that perm.

All you Obama haters see what you got to choose from now?! Trump or Cruz…. and who’s got the hottest wife?! Trump of course, can’t hate on her. Cruz’ wife looks like a PTA president but never mind that Michelle Obama is SMOKIN!!! If you don’t think so then…… yo momma is a Romulan.

Some of this is not going to make any sense but you keep reading… I’m gonna bring it all home in a sec here.

No I ain’t, but this is my blog…. quit reading anytime you want to….. but you won’t tho.

Scalia dead ain’t he? Never mind…

See it’s like I started drinking just about an hour ago and here I am trying to entertain you all… and I ain’t driving tonight so motorists are safe… until I have that ONE drink… you know that ONE drank that tells you ” go head… it’s Friday and cops are off too…”

All I’m saying is salvation is real.

I think I’m bout to puke…. and that… is the truth..


Author: Spanky Brown

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