Ain’t just not goin a sign of protest?

I hate politics… of any kind but I ESPECIALLY hate election season. Christmas should last as long cause face it… who don’t like Christmas?!

This political season makes me really nervous. When did it get to the point that you go somewhere that you hafta go down there and tell em? I don’t like the KKK but you won’t see my black ass at a klan rally saying “HELL NO I WON’T GO!!!” I said that at the house AND THAT’S MY POINT!

Relationships on every level have been threatened this political year, you seen Facebook?! Geez. Everything from name calling to jokes about penis size and that’s just the candidates. I swear that last debate that I watched I thought they were gonna play the dozens… “yeah well YO MOMMA so skinny she got a striped dress with ONE STRIPE!“. I made that one up myself battling George Wallace years ago, a battle in which he destroyed me but that’s besides the point…. but feel free to use it… cause that’s funny.

These Trump rallies are ridiculous. Sucker punches, body slams… I’m waiting for somebody to get put in the figure four soon but my question is, why go?

Do you think you’ll get a word in edgewise with a crowd of people who agree on something totally opposed to what you don’t? Just say no OR… do like I do… protest the important stuff, fight the fights you can win, with your absence.

One of my former friends (the word “former” is important to this story) has the worst breath of any human still living and breathing… EVUH.

You ever smelled somebody’s breath so bad that you immediately see em as a cast member of “The Walking Dead”?. I don’t even watch that show but I’veΒ  seen clips and all the zombies LOOK LIKE, they mayΒ  have a problem with chronic halitosis… that was my buddy (The word “was” is important to this story). His breath was so bad I wore a mask to read his Facebook posts.

So I boycotted him which some people seem to forget is a show of protest. I didn’t tell him, didn’t picket in front of his house and above all I didn’t vote for him.

He wasn’t even running for anything but still… it was the right hing to do, for the country.

Before long he stopped coming by, then he stopped calling, then he stopped liking my Facebook posts and then…. I deleted him. Gone. Problem solved. He’s no longer in my life and all because I felt like he wasn’t doing enough to fix his problem which turned out to be MY problem.

So to all these “protesters” who think they’re doing something really meaningful… don’t waste your time. Just say no cause trust me from what I’ve seen, they don’t like you.

I protest lots of stuff by my absence. I should protest Popeye’s Chicken but… I can’t. I do protest cauliflower, rutabagas, ugly people, noisy babies, sucky airlines (Mainly Spirit… they may as well just drive on the interstate…. cruising altitude of 1500 feet… kill yo self Spirit airlines) oh and Love and Hip Hop, Real Housewives and anything Kardashian.

Let’s learn to either disagree or just cut it out of our lives cause believe me if you water it, it will grow… unless you drown it.



Author: Spanky Brown

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